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Warner Music Vision (also known as Warner Vision International) was a music video company formed in 1990 by Warner Music Group to make music videos from artists and bands on WMG's labels and to release them on home video and later DVD. In 2006, the company merged with DVD producer The Rights Company to form Warner Music Entertainment. It was later transformed into a film, television and content studio in 2019.

Warner Music Vision

Logo (1991-2006)

Visuals: At the beginning, there is a starfield with stars shooting forward. Then, two small stars shoot out from opposite sides of the screen and collide with each other, forming a white sphere with clouds of gas swirling around it that zooms up toward the screen. Some smaller white spheres also orbit around the larger one, and red 3D asteroids shoot toward the camera. When the sphere disappears, the Warner Bros. logo (in white) used from 1972-1984 ("The Big \\'") appears. The "W" has a stretched world map printed on its side, and it revolves around and zooms toward the camera. When it zooms close enough, it turns to face the camera and zooms out while the words


zoom out from the bottom of the screen and arrange themselves below the "W". Simultaneously, the screen fades to blue (or black).


  • For international distribution and on non-music releases like South Park, "VISION INTERNATIONAL" would sometimes appear in place of "MUSIC VISION".
  • Prior to 1996, a short version exists, starting with the logo spinning horizontally. Then the animation continues as normal.
  • A still in-credit version also exists, which is used for Oscar's Orchestra.
  • A unique variant also exists on Australian VHS releases, where the logo already fades to the finished result, but with "WARNER VISION AUSTRALIA" under it.
  • On Malaysian VHS releases, the text is smaller and now reads "WARNER MUSIC MALAYSIA". The Warner Bros. logo also has a shadow.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A new age tune with synths, percussion, a choir and a bass riff.

Audio Variant: The short version uses a sci-fi sounding tune with synth horns.


  • Seen on most WMG artists' live videotapes and music video collections, as well as some concerts with various artists, such as Live Aid: 20 Years Ago Today.
  • The "Vision International'" variant can be found on some UK VHS and DVD releases like South Park, the 1995 UK VHS release of Oscar's Orchestra: The Battle Begins, and the 1997 UK VHS release of Martin Gates's The Ugly Duckling, among others.
  • The "AUSTRALIA" version can be spotted on a few Australian VHS releases.
  • It is unknown whether this logo is also preserved on DVD releases of NVC Arts performances distributed by Kultur.

Warner Music Entertainment

1st Logo (2006-2013?)

Visuals: On a white background, there is a blue structure moving from the left side of the screen, with a light source behind it. The structure quickly zooms out, revealing the corporate Warner Music Group logo in 3D. Right to the WMG shield, the words "warner | music | entertainment" appear letter-by-letter.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: None.

Availability: Appears on some music DVDs.

2nd Logo (December 16, 2019-)

Visuals: Over a black background, a light shines and the corporate Warner Music Group logo from before in 3D with the words "WARNER MUSIC" and "ENTERTAINMENT" below it appears faintly, then fades into the print version of the logo with the byline "A Warner Music Group Company" also fading in. The logo fades out a second later.


  • Starting in 2022, the WMG corporate logo is moved to the left and "WARNER MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT" appears stacked instead, with the byline now saying "A Division of Warner Music Group".
  • A still print version also exists.

Technique: CGI by Dan Sollis.

Audio: A synth tune or the closing theme of the show.

Availability: The animated logo can be seen on Gorillaz: Reject False Icons and Laurel Canyon. The still print version can be seen on season 3 of Genius known as Aretha. The 2022 version debuted on Roberta.