Video City Productions

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Video City Productions was an American home video company based in Oakland, California.

Logo (1982-1991)

Visuals: On a blue background, there is a filmstrip scrolling up. The pictures inside the filmstrip show Charlie Chaplin with a cane and a hat. The filmstrip starts to scroll up, increasing in speed. Then, there is a picture of the same man with a cane with an old 1950's TV next to him on the same color background, zooming to us. He uses his cane to turn on the TV, causing the word "CLICK" to appear above it in very small letters, and static comes up on the screen. Then, the screen shows a white background of that same man with "VIDEO CITY PRODUCTIONS" above him, and "PRESENTS" below him, (both in gold) zooming in. 1970's-esque rainbow color outlines on him appear one-by-one, taking up the entire screen, then changing color.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: Starts out with a sound of a film projector as the filmstrip scrolls, then a George Botsford’s 1908 ragtime piano piece the Black & White Rag as Chaplin is seen by the TV, then sounds of static are heard when the TV goes on, and then a rock tune plays with a woman whispering "Video City" over and over, then the tune descends.

Availability: Appeared on their Cartoon Favorites Series volumes.

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