Xavier Productions

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Xavier Productions was an adult production company based in Tucson, Arizona. It was founded by Sam Lessner (also known as Sam Xavier) as H&S Sales before renaming to Xavier Productions. Sam Xavier also founded Big Top Video, a pioneering big bust-centric studio.

1st logo (Late 1980s?-1990s)

Visuals: On a black background, we see what appears to be a plume of red smoke that then materializes to form the back of a rotating, pink-glowing painted glass-like illustration that is revealed to be of a nude, blonde-haired woman with long hair and enormous breasts sitting down and with her head thrown back as the background becomes purple fog. The fog briefly disappears as a brass rounded rectangle comes into view and the illustration shines, which is followed by a black, red-glowing, stylized "X" that zooms in and places itself on the rectangle, which is followed by the red text "AVIER" and the small, spaced-out blue text "PRODUCTIONS", which spin in from the left and come up from the bottom of the screen respectively. The fog re-appears during this sequence and afterwards, the illustration then stops spinning and shines one last time as it faces the camera and after the camera stays on the logo for a moment, we fade to blue.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The music from Big Top Video's logo, which carries over into the logo and quickly fades out at the end. A whoosh is heard when the rectangle and text appear.

Availability: Seen on porn VHS tapes distributed by Big Top Video from the time.

2nd logo (1990s?-Late 1990s?)

Visuals: There is the illustration of the nude woman from the previous logo rotating on a black background that eventually transitions to the purple foggy background from the aforementioned logo. The illustration shines and sparkles with a pink tint before stopping its rotation to face the camera. Everything then fades away to reveal pink glowing spots on a black background. A greenish-grey stone rectangle flies in from the left with the salmon pink words "Crazy Sam" above and to the left of the incomplete name, in blue and with a yellow dot on the "i", "avier", which is above the word "Productions", in the same stylization as the "Crazy Sam" text. All pieces of text in this scene are printed on the rectangle. The rectangle begins turning to face the camera as a large steel "X" spins and flies in and places itself next to "avier", completing the company name. The screen then flashes white, and in the logo's place is the white, black-bordered text "PRESENTS", and the glowing spots now have halos around them.

Technique: CGI, coupled with 2D effects.

Audio: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Same as the previous logo.

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