Maier Communications, Inc.

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Maier Communications, Inc. was a work-out/special interest video distribution company by the Maier Group.

Logo (1980s?-2000s?)

Visuals: On a black background, a grey gradient square zooms in to take up the whole screen. On the square is the Maier Group logo, which is a white rounded square shape half-filled with segmented lines on the bottom, and the text "MAIER GROUP" filling in the top and bottom parts of the square. Below it, "MAIER COMMUNICATIONS" can be seen in a bold white font, along with "DIVISION OF THE MAIER GROUP, INC" below it in a smaller print.

Technique: 2D computer graphics.

Audio: Just a "whoosh" sound.

Availability: Seen on some work-out tapes and Inspector Gadget tapes by the company.

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