Force Video

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An offshoot of Wizard Video started by Charles Band in the early 1980s intended to release more arthouse and lower budgeted B-movie fare (including European titles) than its parent outfit. The label went dormant sometime in 1983 but was revived in 1985 before eventually being abandoned for good in 1987, alongside Wizard Video itself.

Logo (1982-1987)

Visuals: On a black background, a blue 3D streak swings in from the top. A flash produces a white outline with "FORCE VIDEO" in a futuristic font. At the end of the flash, "FORCE VIDEO" becomes white, and the 3D streak behind it gains a gold glow. The logo shines twice.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth drone; after the flash, then a triumphant ten-note brass fanfare that repeats, with a sequence of drum beats underneath. Sometimes it is silent.

Availability: Appears on numerous Force Video titles in Wizard Video's famous big boxes, only with a distinct general art design. Among those titles are The Jungle Master, Erotikill, The Executioner of Venice, White Slave, Savage Island, Banana Monster, Immoral Tales, Filmgore, Hellcommandos, and Heroes in Hell.

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