PorchLight Home Entertainment

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This was the home video label of PorchLight Entertainment. In 2010, the label went dormant following a distribution deal with E1 Entertainment (now Entertainment One) that occurred in August 2009.

Logo (2007-2010?)

Visuals: Similar to the third PorchLight Entertainment logo, except the kids from the second logo are there, and anything outside of the inner filmstrip is instead on a white background. The letters are black and "ENTERTAINMENT" is replaced with "HOME ENTERTAINMENT".

Variant: For their website bumper (the logo is widescreen, but stretched to 4:3), the entire logo darkens as the following white text appears in Comic Sans:

To experience the best in
Family Entertainment check out

Technique: A still digital graphic.

Audio: None or the third logo's fanfare.

Availability: Appeared on home video releases distributed under the label, such as A Tad of Christmas Cheer.

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