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Forum Home Video became a division of Virgin Vision in late 1989/early 1990. Originally, the company was a standalone video distributor operated by M.C.E.G.. Several of its early tapes (including its first release, How to Benefit from Tax Reform) were collaborations with other home video companies such as Karl-Lorimar Home Video and Turner Home Entertainment.

Logo (1987-1989)

Visuals: On a black background, the metallic text "FORUM" pops in suddenly at the top half of the screen. The black background then peels away like a sticker, revealing a cream background, as well as the rest of the text: "FORUM HOME VIDEO", with "HOME VIDEO" stacked below.

Variant: A long version exists where the logo starts with the cream background and the black background rising up like a paper and covering the whole screen. The rest of the logo plays out.

Technique: Computer effects.

Audio: The first few seconds of "Where's the Walrus?" by The Alan Parsons Project. Other times, it'll be silent.

Availability: Can be found on old VHS of Scarecrows, Crystalstone, Dr. Hackenstein, No Safe Haven, Terror Squad, Return to Mayberry, Captive Rage, Dark Tower, Mob War, Search and Destroy, Covert Action, No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder, Perry Mason Returns, Bloodstone and Edge of the Axe, among other titles. It makes a surprise appearance at the end of an Impact print of Static (1985); the same print was also shown on Comet.

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