Children's Learning Video

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This was the video division of the record label Kid Stuff Records.

Logo (1985-1986?)

Visuals: There is a black background with some red, yellow, and blue 3D text reading "Kid Stuff" with a red cartoon balloon above the I. The cube zooms out to the top and spins around on a gray background (a "Kid Vid" logo is shown on the other side in similar text with a white TV tube border surrounding it), with the words "SEE & LEARN" below in blue with IJE copyright info below that in white. Then, the copyright text disappears, and the words "CHILDREN'S", "LEARNING", and "VIDEO" in yellow/orange gradient appear below one-by-one.

Variants: Other videos would have See & Sing or See & Read instead, dubbed Children's Music Video and Children's Storybook Video on the tapes, respectively.

Technique: Computer effects.

Audio: A synthesized pop jingle, along with some children singing "See and leaaaaarn.... (aaaand leaaaaaarn...) See and leaaaaarn.... Chiiiildrens Leaaaaarning Videooooo!". This is modified on the See & Sing/See & Read variants to match the corresponding text.

Availability: Might be seen on some kids videos under the See and Learn library. [Examples?]