Video Gems (US)

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Logo (November 15, 1979-1991)

Visuals: On a purple or blue background, the orange and white text




with "Video Gems" in a unique font and "PRESENTS..." in a fancy thin font flies in from the right, towards the center of the screen. Seconds later, it zooms away to the left.


  • Sometimes, the logo will say "TV Gems" instead of "Video Gems". This can be found on PAL VHS's of old UK TV shows (like those on the BBC or ITV).
  • The logo may be completely still.
  • There is a variant without "PRESENTS".

Technique: 2D computer animation

Audio: A trumpet fanfare with an echo effect, followed by a 6-note majestic synth orchestra tune at the end. The still version is silent, but on some tapes the full version is silent as well.

Availability: Its first appearance was on The Real Bruce Lee.

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