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DIC Home Entertainment was the home entertainment arm of DIC Entertainment established in 2001 to distribute DIC releases on video. Releases under the label were distributed by Lions Gate Home Entertainment (2001-2002), Sterling Entertainment Group (2003-2005) and NCircle Entertainment (2006-2008), although shows that were released through other distributors like 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment simply used the regular DIC logo for their branding on-screen.

Following the purchase of DIC by Cookie Jar Entertainment in 2008, the subsidiary was folded, and Cookie Jar's logo instead appeared on NCircle material.

1st Logo (August 28, 2001-December 23, 2008)

Visuals: Just the normal DIC logo used at the time, but with "Home Entertainment" in a blue script font zooming out below. The globe part of the logo itself is a little bit smaller than the regular version.

Technique: Same as the TV counterpart, with added zooming effects for the text.

Audio: The sped-up version of the normal 2001 DIC tune.


  • It appears on all Lions Gate Home Entertainment, Sterling Entertainment Group and pre-2009 NCircle Entertainment distributed releases of DIC shows.
  • It sometimes plasters older DIC logos on Sterling and NCircle releases, although later NCircle releases keep the older logos on pre-2001 DIC material.
  • Also appears on promotional DIC DVDs that were given away with General Mills cereals in 2004.
  • It first appeared on the DVD releases of Sabrina: The Animated Series - Sabrina's World and Mummies Alive! (the VHS versions use the standard 2001 DIC logo for an unknown reason), and last appeared on the NCircle reissues of Sylvanian Families - The Big Adventure, Siegfried and Roy - Masters of the Impossible and Sonic the Hedgehog - Super Sonic. Releases after 2008 have the Cookie Jar logo.

2nd Logo (2002-2005?)

Visuals: There is the words "The Incredible World of" written in its usual script font (next to a simplified version of the DIC globe) attached to a set of yellow helicopter rotors. It flies outward to a gray helipad situated on top of some dark letters, which rest on a large red table. As the logo lands, the rotors stop spinning and fold up inside the logo. Then, the letters below light up, revealing that they read "FEATURE PRESENTATION".

Variant: There is a version of the logo that says "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" on one line instead of "FEATURE PRESENTATION".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The sounds of the rotors spinning, some whirring/clicking sounds as the rotors retract, and a weird "sproing" as the lights turn on. The "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" version uses lesser-quality stock sounds.


  • "Feature Presentation" - It appears at the beginning of all 13 of the DIC Movie Toons (which includes Inspector Gadget's Last Case and Dennis the Menace in Cruise Control). It is always preceded by the 2001 MGM logo on the original North American MGM Home Entertainment prints of the movies. Cookie Jar prints of the movies sometimes remove this logo, and so start off the movie without any logos at all.
  • "Home Entertainment" - It was only seen on Disc 5 of The Littles: The Complete Unedited Series (from S'More Entertainment) on the "Visual History of the DIC logo" bonus feature. This variant was likely intended as a replacement for the logo above but was never used officially on any release.
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