Southeast Motion Picture (H. K.) Co. Ltd.

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (November 27, 1970)

Visuals: On a red light bursting background with yellow and cyan lights shooting out from the center, an emblem slowly zooms in, which consists of two statues: the left being a human and the other a dragon, next to a gold bordered red circular emblem containing "SE" in an Old English-like font on top of a flat gold podium with "SEMPC" engraved on the center. Shortly after the emblem finishes zooming in, the company's name in Chinese "司公限有港香)業企影電南東" in a white calligraphic font pops in below. The lights in the background continue to shoot out for the next several seconds.

Technique: Motion-controlled cel animation alongside practical effects for the lights.

Audio: A horn note alongside a set of descending harp glissandos and drum beats. A cymbal crash and roll play as the bottom text appears. Soon after, the horn and drum beats perform a set of bombastic notes near the end.

Availability: The logo appeared on Silver Maid.

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