Cinema City Enterprises Ltd.

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Logo (June 28, 1990-June 22, 1991)

Visuals: On a dark blue/black gradient background, 3 metallic purple filmstrips fly in diagonally from the top right to the bottom left, while a large golden blocky "C" rises from the lower left corner and takes up the entire screen, and the camera zooms into the filmstrips. As the "C" flies away to the left, 3 more filmstrips wipe in a rectangular fashion from the left and a giant silver "C" flies in from the right, and the 2 letters haphazardly rock around as they worm their way up to the top center of the screen. The filmstrip footage from the beginning also plays out like before in the background, though flipped. As the filmstrips sweep across from the left to right one last time, a bronze "E" zooms out from the bottom and zig-zags its way up into the letter, where they all combine to together into the "CCE" logo, changing colors to red, yellow, and light blue respectively. Below, either of the following Chinese and English text appears below:

  • "新藝城企業有限公司 CINEMA CITY ENTERPRISES LTD." (the English text is in a tall serif font.)
  • "新藝都娛樂有限公司 Cinema Capital Entertainments Ltd." (the English text is in a plain serif font, with 3 small stars dotting the 2nd "i".)


  • On Undeclared War, the both sets of text are included and altered a bit, and the Chinese text has additional characters added to match the English. The Chinese also is larger and blockier. The text looks like this:

Cinema Capital Entertainments Ltd. Release

    • A still variant of this exists, which is seen on a trailer of an unknown film.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A rather loud synth orchestra fanfare with timpanis. Whooshes are heard as the logo parts zoom out. The still variant uses the opening theme of the trailer.

Availability: Spotted on Fortune Star prints of Prison on Fire 1 & 2 after the Golden Princess logos, and was only seen on three films like Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon, Undeclared War and Prison on Fire II. Also seen on trailers for other HK films.

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