In-Gear Film Production

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1st Logo (November 19, 1987-1989?)

Visuals: On a starry background, a spinning film reel fades in. The filmstrip then comes out of the film reel and slowly writes the script "Ingear", which shines. Once the filmstrip stops writing the text, and a star flashes at the end of it. "Ingear" keeps on shining, while the English and Chinese names in pink fade in below and also shine.

Variant: There exists a dark variant and a bright variant.

Technique: Practical effects and cel animation.

Audio: A slow ascending synth theme, with a high-pitched sound while the last note plays, followed by a random, sci-fi synth.

Availability: Appeared on In-Gear's earlier films, most of them where horror comedy type ones.

2nd Logo (June 8, 1989?-1994)

Visuals: On a similar starry background, several bright lights in group fade in, zoom out, and flash, bringing up a neon film reel that's different from the one from before. The film reel moves to the left with a trail and flashes, filling it up with a metallic material. The golden filmstrip comes out of the real, making the "Ingear" from before. The English name zooms out with blue lights in front, and the lights move to the text, making it flash. The Chinese characters appear below the name letter-by-letter, and also flash.

Technique: Backlit animation.

Audio: A bombastic synth fanfare with drums.

Audio Variants:

  • A variant featuring music from the 1st logo (but lower-pitched) exists, such an instance can be found on As Tears Go By's trailer[1].
  • Sometimes, only the opening music will play, as seen on As Tears Go By (1988)[2].

Availability: Seen on In-Gear's later films.

Legacy: A favorite among Hong Kong logo fans.

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