BoB and Partners Co. Ltd.

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BoB and Partners Co. Ltd. (最佳拍档有限公司) was a Hong Kong film production company. It was established by famed filmmakers Wong Jing, Manfred Wong and Andrew Lau during the success of the Young and Dangerous series. "BoB" stands for "Best of the Best".

1st Logo (March 21, 1996-2000?)

Visuals: On a black background, the screen spontaneously burns away as a series of 3 olive-colored stone objects revolving within themselves zooms in. As the objects get closer to the screen, its revealed to be the bulbous letters "BoB", as they split apart and take on a more normal shape. A stone bar also zooms out and rotates downwards, placing itself underneath "BoB" and the Cantonese characters "最佳拍檔" zoom out and rotate one-by-one under the stone bar. A stone texture also fades over the background as well. After everything settles into place, sparkles appear over the bar, turning it into "& PARTNERS COMPANY LIMITED", while a few sparkles appear in the lower right corner of the logo, revealing "有限公司".

Technique: CGI, with practical animation for the fire effects.

Audio: A bang, followed by an Oriental percussion theme ending in a male chorus singing "最佳拍檔!" ("Jeui gāai paakdong!", which is the company's name in Cantonese) and tinkling sounds.

Audio Variants:

  • On earlier films with this logo, such as Street Angels, the music is slower, lower-pitched, and ends in four orchestral hits.
  • There is a lower-pitched version of the normal music as well.

Availability: Appears on Cantonese films from the period, such as the company's first film Young and Dangerous 2.

2nd Logo (2000?-2003)


  • Early Version: The logo starts with the camera panning over a rugged terrain with a blue sky, as well as clouds over the scene, as it swoops over to the left. It then fades to a valley, rupturing apart as red beams of light erupts from the cavity. It then fades to a revolving shot of a mountain, which also splits apart and emits the red light. Finally, it then fades to a quick turning shot of mountains shaped like the letters "BOB" as the red beams glow from around them and reveal gold versions of the letters that emerge out of them. The camera turns around to reveal "最佳拍檔" zooming out, along with "Bob & Partners Co. Ltd." as well, and the logo settles in the center. Compared to the previous logo, the letters and Cantonese characters are all now in a metallic gold shade, the font is noticeably chunkier, and "有限公司" centered under each character of "最佳拍檔". Dust then blows about in the background.
  • Later Version: Over a more jagged-looking mountain range, with clouds rolling above the area, the mountains begin to morph and recede into the ground, forming the letters "BOB" like before, only more visibly. The camera then swoops down and around the side as the red beams of light appear from the mountains, revealing "BoB" rising from the mountains and rotating around. The camera pans across them as the background fades to black and "最佳拍檔" fly in underneath "BoB", with the logo then zooming out to reveal "有限公司" like before, and "Bob & Partners Co. Ltd." zooms out and settles in-between the gold areas of the logo. The entire logo, compared to before, has a less metallic look to it, and is brighter overall. Dust then blows in the background, but darker in color, and the logo shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Appears on their films during the period, such as Conman in Tokyo. The early version is seen on Sausalito.

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