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In 2015, TVB Group, a former subsidiary of Shaw Brothers Ltd., resurrected the Shaw Brothers name to the big screen. This new company, Shaw Brothers Pictures Ltd., was launched on March 24, 2015.

Logo (2015- )

Visuals: On a blue space background is the shield (without the initials "SB") rotating for a bit. The initials then zoom onto the shield letter-by-letter. After that, the shield emits sparks (like fireworks) as it zooms back in a comfortable distance. Fairy dust effects wipes in the words "Shaw Brothers Pictures LTD" and its Chinese translation (which rotates a bit). The byline "A member of TVB Group" rotates, and finally, a comet appears flying into the right side of the byline and flashes into the TVB logo (a white rounded square with a tri-colored circle on the center).


  • 2015-2019: "A member of TVB Group"
  • 2019-: "An associate of CMC and TVB"

Later Variant: Starting in 2019, the "SB" is replaced with "SHAW BROTHERS" stacked on two. The byline "Shaw Brothers Pictures, LTD." and the byline "A DIVISION OF CMC AND TVB" with the CMC logo and the TVB logo on it. Two sparks form the CMC and TVB logos, respectively.

Other Variants:

  • For films they distributed outside of Hong Kong and Macau, the company name reads "Shaw Brothers Pictures International Limited".
  • Sometimes, it lacks "LTD".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A reorchestrated arrangement of the 1958 logo's music.

Availability: Seen on movies released by the company such as Triumph in the Skies and From Vegas to Macau II.

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Shaw Brothers Pictures Ltd.
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