Sundream Motion Pictures

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Logo (2006-2010's)

Visuals: On a dark red background, there is an explosion bursting in towards the screen. Then, the explosion plays in reverse to reveal a dark red coloured-drawn circle with a white glow in the middle on a light blue background. The circle zooms out while the lens flare shines through the glow. When the circle gets into position, the company name and its Chinese translation flips in to the left. The text then shines.

Variant: A distribution variant exists. Here, the logo starts off in a light blue background. The red circle wipes in from the left and the glow starts to shines from the centre of the circle. The words then flips in to the right instead to the left. The words “Distributed by Sundream Motion Pictures Ltd.” and its Chinese translation fade in below the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An explosion sound, followed by a synth tune with noises, which sounds similar to the 1st PolyGram Video logo. For the distribution variant, none.

Availability: Can be seen on their movies, such as Eye in the Sky.

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