Johnny Mak Productions Ltd.

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Johnny Mak Productions Ltd. (麥當雄製作有限公司) was a Hong Kong film company set up by film producer, writer, and actor Johnny Mak in 1982. It would be shuttered in 1997.

1st Logo (April 21, 1982-1984?)

Visuals: On a grey background, a director's chair appears in a black and red color scheme, along with the initials "JM" on the top. Then, the Cantonese characters "麥當雄製作有限公司" appear one-by-one, with "麥當雄" being slightly larger and appearing slightly slower, followed by the English name "JOHNNY MAK PRODUCTION LTD." below.

Technique: Cut-out animation.

Audio: A low-pitched crash, which segues into a bombastic, happy sounding synth fanfare with whooshes and an explosive finale.

Audio Variant: A silent variant also exists.

Availability: The only known appearances of this logo are in Possessed II and Long Arm of the Law. Could also be seen on other films produced by Johnny Mak during the period, however, they're mostly plastered by the next logo.

2nd Logo (1987?-1997)

Visuals: On a black background, a spotlight appears from above and wipes in from top to bottom, illuminating the director's chair from before rising up from the right, while rotating around as well. The camera then pans towards the spotlight while tilting downwards, eventually stopping as the chair fully emerges from the ground and stops in its familiar position, and the initials "JM" fade in on the backrest. The text "麥當雄製作有限公司 Johnny Mak Production Ltd." then fades in a stacked formation.


  • Sometimes, the light would have a dark grey tint to it.
  • On later films and reprints, the logo is remade in CGI with smoother and more accurate animation. The spotlight also has a blue tone to it and is larger, the chair is thinner and has a slight gloss to it, the "JM" initials are more realistically placed, and the chair also casts a shadow.

Technique: Crude cel animation for the early variant, CGI for the later variant.

Audio: The logo starts with a synth hum that sustains itself for the rest of the logo. This note is accompanied by a repetition of shining noises, a dramatically rising horn fanfare, the sound of metal clanking, and three loud brass notes, followed by a triumphant sounding fanfare with loud drum beats.

Audio Variant: Sometimes, the theme is low-pitched.

Availability: Seen on later films from the company such as the Lord of East China Sea series and also some reprints of their older films, like Possessed.

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