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Distribution Workshop was formed by Nansun Shi of Film Workshop and veteran filmmaker Jeffrey Chan of Bona Film Group in 2007 as an international film sales company specializing in the distribution of innovative Asian feature films. It was a subsidiary of Bona Film Group when it first formed, but would later becoming a subsidiary of Just Creative Studio when the company underwent reorganization in 2018. Despite this, the company still remains an affiliate of Bona Film Group, as seen from the initials "JC" from the Just Creative Studio logo.

1st Logo (July 24, 2009-2019)

Visuals: A red cannon moves on a black maze. As the camera pans upwards to reveal that it's a stylized "DW", "DISTRIBUTION WORKSHOP" (with a red rectangle inside the "O" of "DISTRIBUTION") and the Chinese translation fades beside the "DW" in gold. The byline "A Bona Film Group Company" and its Chinese translation fade in below.


  • A still variant exists. Here, the logo is black and put on a yellow background.
  • On early films such as A Simple Life, the "DW" is colored silver.
  • Later on, the byline now reads "A Bona Film Group Joint Venture Company". The byline is also in a different font.

Technique: CGI. A digital graphic for the still variant.

Audio: There are two versions of the music:

  • A deep piano tune and a choir.
  • A synth and a piano tune with a noise when the company name appears.
  • None for the still variant.

Availability: It was first seen on Overheard, and can be seen on their films by the company.

2nd Logo (October 5, 2018-)

See Just Creative Studio for more details.

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Distribution Workshop
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