Carrianna Film Production

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Logo (May 21, 1992-April 16, 1993)

Visuals: On a white/blue gradient background, a dark blue textured sphere zooms out and transforms into a rectangle while spinning. As it does so, a bold "C"-like shape appears on one of the sides, and the other side becomes a hole. The rectangle spins again, as another hole in the side where the "C" shape appeared, revealing it's mark. The resulting stick spins clockwise on the circular hole. The whole rectangle stops. The golden Chinese characters scroll in facing up and turn to point at us, while the English company name "CARRIANNA FILM PRODUCTION" also scrolls in from the left below.

Variant: There is a widescreen variant, and the logo looks off-center when it's placed.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: After a timpani hit, there is a droning synth note, a small whoosh, and another synth note, followed by an ascending bell synth.

Availability: May appear on their movies during the course of the early 90's, such as With or Without You, Deadly Dream Woman, and No More Love, No More Death.

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