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Logo (September 11, 2003-2004)

Visuals: On an abstract blue background with clocks, timer and circles in it, the letter "a" zooms out and flips in while a light shines on the letter. When the light disappears, the remaining letters of the word "anytime" in chrome and set in an abstract font, with the dot on the "i" has a hole, flies in into its position. Then, a long purple line with a rectangle that contains a hole of the word "p i c t u r e s" (with the dot on the "i" being removed and the "t" being connected to the top) on the top half, flips in below "anytime" while a light shines through the corner of the top rectangle. The wide Chinese translation of the company name in a stretched font flips in letter-by-letter below them while a light runs through the "a", "y" and "me" on the word "anytime". The entire logo then shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Some whooshes when the letters fly in, a lightsaber-like sound when the rectangle flips in, followed by a shining sound effect.

Availability: Seen on Men Suddenly in Black and Jiang Hu.

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