Roopkala Pictures

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1st Logo (September 21, 1958-October 1, 1965)

Visuals: In a dark environment, there is a big plate and a silhouette of a statue of a woman appearing holding two bowls on top facing towards the left of a stylized pedestal containing a black rectangle. The statue slowly turns to the right, and when it stops, the plate brightens up, having a faint sunburst pattern in it, the lamp on the woman's right hand lights up, and finally, a spotlight illuminates the statue, which reveals the bowl being filled with fruits. Finally, the company's name in a bolded serif font slowly wipes inside of the black rectangle from left to right.

Technique: Practical animation.

Audio: A melancholy string theme plays as a Hindi man chants "You are the creator, you are the lord. You give life to the light of the world. You exist for eternity, Lord. Accept our humble greetings."

Availability: Spotted in Parvarish, Shriman Satyawadi, Kan Kan Men Bhagwan, and Purnima.

2nd Logo (August 14, 1970)

Visuals: The logo starts with a smoky background. After five seconds, half of an orange circle, representing the sun, can be seen as the smoke loosens. Afterward, a black silhouette rises from the bottom right corner, which is revealed to be a remodeled version of the same statue and its contents from the previous logo, the only difference being the woman facing towards the front and the woman and plate being less detailed, on top of a pedestal hidden from the smoke. The figure brightens and the same pedestal but in blue containing a black rectangle is revealed, as smoke loosens further and the text "ROOP KALA PICTURES" fades in front of the pedestal. The logo stays in place as smoke flies around behind the figure for approximately seven seconds.

Technique: Live action footage and practical animation.

Audio: A theme consisting of xylophone notes plays as a Hindi man chants the same mantra used in the previous logo in an echoing voice.

Availability: The logo was only spotted in Mahal.

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