Lyca Productions

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Lyca Productions is an Indian film studio that is a subsidiary of telecommunications company Lycamobile. It has produced some of the most expensive Tamil-language films ever made, such as 2.0 and Ponniyin Selvan: I.

Logo (October 22, 2014-)

Visuals: On a space background, the screen pans down to a rotating Earth. Once the Earth is in full view, blue rings emit from central Europe and lines emerge from it, creating more blue rings wherever they hit. Three green lines traverse the Earth and a green flash of light emits when they intersect. A green shape similar to the chip of a SIM card forms, which turns into a blue and green heart that lays on the top right of a blue shape similar to a SIM card. The shape rotates 90 degrees anti-clockwise and a small rectangle and two circles arranged like the number 8 emerge from the right and top, respectively, creating a movie camera shape. The green words "LYCΛ" fly in, the "Λ" representing the camera's tripod. A green light beams out and the blue words "PRODUCTIONS" rotate into view.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A news-like fanfare.

Audio Variants:

  • On Kaththi, the opening theme of the movie is heard.
  • On Ponniyin Selvan: I, an ominous droning sound is initially heard, which then turns into a triumphant fanfare when "LYCΛ" flies onto the screen, leading into the film's theme.

Availability: Seen on films produced and/or distributed by the studio, such as 2.0, Ponniyin Selvan: I and the Tamil-dubbed version of RRR. It made its debut on Kaththi.

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