Red Sun Art Creations

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Red Sun Art Creations was the production company for actor, producer, and director Rajkiran.

Logo (March 10, 1988-April 14, 1995)

Visuals: The logo starts with live-action footage of the sea with waves crashing toward one another. A stylized sun rises from the sea and sits on top of it. Following this, "RED SUN" in a stylized font rises from the ocean, along with "ART CREATIONS" in a curvy font wiping in below once "RED SUN" stops rising.

Technique: Live action for the footage, cel animation for the animation of the sun and text.

Audio: A relaxing flute melody which 2 swarmandal flourishes at the start and finish.

Availability: Seen on Raasave Unnai Nambi, Enna Petha Rasa, En Rasavin Manasile, and Ellame En Rasathan.

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