Parameswara Art Productions

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Parameswara Art Productions is an Indian film production company headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana. It was established in 2009 by Bandha Ganesh and is currently one of the largest film production companies in South India, as well as one of the major production houses of Tollywood.

Logo (May 11, 2012-February 13, 2015)

Visuals: On a sky background with moving clouds on the top and bottom, there is a small beam of light. Then, from that light, a golden trident flies up whilst spinning. It flies towards the right of the screen before we cut to a frame where the trident flies to a golden statue of the Hindu god Shiva sitting atop a snowy mountain with water around it. As the trident gets closer to the statue, it slows down and moves up. The trident then places itself on the statue's hand as the head shines a bit. Then, from the trident, a blue beam appears, writing in Telugu text that reads "పరమేశ్వర ఆర్ట్ ప్రొడక్షన్స్". The text shines a bit before the English text "PARAMESWARA ART PRODUCTIONS" wipes itself in over the Telugu text.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A dramatic fanfare with a rapidly descending horn, followed by an ominous chorus singing in Telugu.

Availability: Can be seen on their films starting with Gabbar Singh and ending Temper.

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