J.B. Productions

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Logo (June 3, 1966-May 28, 1982)

Visuals: The camera slowly pans down just to reveal a rapidly spinning globe against a space background. After a few seconds, faint shots of the stock lightning footage appears. After that, a flame of a candle appears right in front of a globe and stays like that for a few seconds. Then, the text:


slides up from the bottom. The logo then fades to black.

Technique: A combination of stop-motion animation, chroma-keyed live-action, and cel animation.

Audio: A dramatic string theme that gets more intense as the logo goes on. When the flame appears, a woman singing "जाको राखे साइयां मार सके ना कोई, बाल ना बाका कर सके जो जग बैरी होवे", and after that, a one-note brass tune plays.

Availability: Seen on Do Badan and Jogi.

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