Geepi Films

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This was the production company of Indian film producer G.P. Balan.

Logo (March 28, 1979-August 23, 1980)

Visuals: A black silhouette of the globe spinning to the left is seen behind a red glow with five blurred red lines bursting out. When the globe is illuminated, "GPF", in an arc, rises above the Earth.

Variant: On Laava, the company name in red, a black shadow slightly sticking out, and a cultural, italic, and capitalized font fades in on the bottom section of the screen shortly after "GPF" rises. Plus, there are clouds on the bottom.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: Tanpura drones open the audio sequence. Before shifting to a synchronous horn/drum fanfare, an ascending and descending strum is heard alongside the drone.

Audio Variant: On Laava, the audio starts with a few chime notes before jumping to a bombastic horn fanfare. When the chorus starts singing, the soundtrack is given a cultural vibe with percussions succeeding the horns.

Availability: It is seen on Sarapancharam and Laava.

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