GPS International

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Logo (January 11, 1989)

Visuals: The first element shown is a slowly spinning globe model against a black background. Rising smoke start to appear, which changes its color, as the letter "G" appears on the top with a blur effect, flashing the colors teal, red, royal blue, yellow, royal blue, hot pink, and back to teal. The other 2 letters "P" and "S" appears one-by-one after the "G" dissapears, and now all appear randomly flashing the same color pattern. After about 2 seconds, the "G" wipes in, followed by the letters "P" and "S" wiping in right next to the "G", while all of which are still flashing at unison. The word "INTERNAITONAL" wipes in from both ends which also flashes in the same color pattern, followed by "PRESENTS" wiping in at the bottom from right to left, also flashing. They stop flashing after 3 seconds, leaving all of the text red.

Technique: Live-action for the globe moving and the smoke, cel animation for the text.

Audio: A realistic action-like melody conjoined with a really dizzy-like ascending-descending pattern that repeats over and over again.

Availability: Seen on Hong Kong Nalli Agent Amar.

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