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Logo (March 31, 2004)

Visuals: In the dark, a baby doll is shown to be horizontally tilting at the right side. Blood comes out of the top of the baby doll's head and begins dripping near its left eye. The camera follows the drop of blood hitting the ground, and during a slow-motion effect, the drop splashes. Two more drops of blood appear behind the splash. The camera then turns to perspective as the blood drops form a diagonal-shaped "M" or "E" shape. The surface fades away as the forming logo zooms out and rotates to the center. The on print logo turns into plain 2D, and the white word "ASHCO" fades in below the logo, followed by the white text "ASHCO MEDIA ARTS PVT. LTD." with a red underline below it.

Technique: A mix of CGI and live action.

Audio: A slamming sound with the sound of a baby crying at the beginning. Sounds of liquid flowing are also heard, along with a few whooshes during the forming.

Availability: The logo is known to be available only for Ho Sakta Hai.

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