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Aabha Films was the production company of Indian film producer Rajiv Babbar.

1st Logo (July 12, 1996-July 31, 1998)

Visuals: There is a great yellow/blue "AABHA" with what seems to be a cheetah leaping through the "B". "FILMS" wipes underneath.

Trivia: The cheetah illustration was originally taken from the 1994 film Cheetah title card.

Variant: An in-credit version exists where the "AABHA" and cheetah are colored red and the backdrop is yellow.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: The theme from Jyoti Bane Jwala is played.

Audio Variant:

  • On Shapath, the opening theme of the film plays over.
  • On Yamraaj, a dramatic synthesized fanfare is heard.

Availability: It was seen on Shapath, Chandaal, Sher-E-Hindustan, and Yamraaj. The in-credit version was seen in Muqaddar.

2nd Logo (February 5, 1999-March 5, 2001)

Visuals: There is a golden "AABHA" in the same font stretch out at us from an olive-green background. Then a filmstrip comes from behind the text, comes over the display, and swirls around the "B". Two halves of an orange arch form together and "FILMS" comes up. As it does, the cheetah from the previous logo slides in under the "B" once more. All of this is on a shifting, blue, geode-like background.

Technique: CGI Animation.

Audio: The stock synth xylophone theme.

Availability: It was seen on Zahreela, Shera, and Maa Kasam.

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