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1st Logo (April 14, 1971)

Visuals: On a cloudy background, there is a figure of St. Anthony of Padua holding infant Jesus in his shoulders standing on top of a tall pedestal. Shortly after, the company's name in Tamil fades in below the figure.

Technique: Live-action. Simple animation for the text.

Audio: A somber 5-note organ tune.

Availability: Appears on Thirumurugal, alongside with Govindaraja Films.

2nd Logo (May 6, 1975)

Visuals: On a sunset background, there is a silhouette of a different figure of St. Anthony facing towards the right direction. Lit-up candles can be seen around the figure and on the table silhouette. The statue rotates 45 degrees and the lights illuminate the setting, revealling the statue to be on a grey pedestal, which also appears to be on top of a bigger pedestal. The company's name,


in yellow can be seen sitting on top of the bigger pedestal, with "ORIENTAL" on the upper part and "PICTURES" on the lower part.

Technique: Live-action model work.

Audio: A faint organ tune with bells ringing and a harp glissando when the lights illuminate the figure.

Availability: Only known to have appeared on Ninaithathai Mudippavan.

3rd Logo (February 10, 2008)

Visuals: Over a white background is the word "ORIENTAL", written in a dark blue Revue Bold font, which appears to be floating in mid-air. After a few seconds, a lamp jumps in from the right of the screen, and stops at the "I" in "ORIENTAL". The lamp looks around a bit, and begins to jump on the "I" until fully squishing it. As the lamp looks around once more, "PICTURES" in the same font as "ORIENTAL" (though now colored white) fades in below. The lamp then looks at the camera as the logo ends.

Trivia: The logo can be seen shifting down slightly at some point due to how the film was scanned.

Variant: At least one print of Thiru Goutham SSLC has the logo fade in instead of cutting in.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: What sounds like a dreamy synth theme, and a spring-like sound when the lamp is jumping on the "I".

Availability: Only known to have appeared on the aforementioned Thiru Goutham SSLC.

Legacy: This logo has been noted to copy the same concept as the 1995 Pixar Animation Studios logo.

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