Shields Pictures, Inc.

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Shields Pictures is a production/distribution company, founded in 1987, dealing in educational, niche, and special-interest films. It owns the rights to three short subject series originally released by Paramount Pictures: Popular Science, Unusual Occupations, and Speaking of Animals. The company is named after the fictional "Shields Pictures" in the classic 1952 drama The Bad and the Beautiful, and the emblem in the logo is an actual prop from the film.

Logo (1987-2001)

Visuals: There is a crest, depicting a knight's head, zooming away from us. At the top of the crest, the words "SHIELDS PICTURES INC." are seen. Below the head is the phrase "NON-SANS-DROIT" (French for "not without law").

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: A dramatic three-note fanfare with a twinkling stinger.

Availability: The aforementioned short films have hardly been shown on television since the early-2000s when AMC aired them, but could be seen on DVD compilations of these films. It can also be seen on videos from its official website.

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