Martin Mooney Productions

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Martin Mooney came into the film business in 1935 as a screenwriter after years of working in New York City as a playwright, newspaper reporter, columnist and press agent. In 1943, he joined PRC Pictures, where, in addition to screenwriting, he was in charge of advertising and publicity. Mooney's background in the rough-and-tumble New York City newspaper world was the impetus for PRC's specializing in the gritty urban crime dramas it was known for. The film for which Mooney will probably be best remembered is Edgar G. Ulmer's "film noir" masterpiece, Detour (1945).

Logo (1940's-19??)

Visuals: Depending on the film, the words "MARTIN MOONEY PRODUCTIONS, INC." are seen with "PRESENTS" below on a font that corresponds the opening credits of the movie. On other films, a byline such as "A (company here) RELEASE" is seen below.

Technique: A still printed image.

Audio: The opening theme of the movie.

Availability: So far spotted on the 1948 movie Blonde Ice. It is unknown if it appeared on any other films.

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