Govindaraja Films

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Logo (April 14, 1971)

Visuals: On a grey background with some rays spinning (supposed to be the sun), there's a silhouette of a statue rotating. When the statue stops, the lights reveals it. The statue consists of (from left to right: A mother carrying a jar on her head, a little girl, a father with a turban on his head, and carrying a hoe with one hand, a kid being touched by his father, two cows). All of them (a family of peasants) are above the pedestal, which looks like a farmland on its surface. Below the pedestal is the company's name "GOVINDARAJA FILMS.".

Technique: Practical efects.

Audio: A flute melody with some strums of a swarmandal.

Availability: Only seen on Thirumagal.

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