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Treehouse Films is Kevin Costner's second production company; he had previously owned Tig Productions.

Logo (May 20, 2008-)

Visuals: On a black background, a drawing of a tree house with a tire swing and a window appears. The drawing is in a large square with a orange-gold-purple-blue cloudy sky with stars to the left. Below is the name:


The window in the tree house lights up (flickering for the remainder of the logo), and the tire swing begins gently swaying back and forth as the clouds move and the sky's color scheme becomes warmer as the logo slowly zooms in. The text also changes colors for a few seconds. The logo eventually stops close to the screen and the clouds stop moving. The line beneath the name changes colors and "shimmers" throughout. There are also some fireflies flying around the logo.

Variant: On Swing Vote, the logo is smaller and squished horizontally.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: Crickets chirping followed by a lone piano note when the light turns on. Otherwise, none or the closing theme.

Audio Variant: CBS airings of Yellowstone (which are edited from their original Paramount Network versions for network television broadcast) use a generic theme (two in this logo's case).

Availability: Seen on Swing Vote, Black or White, and Yellowstone.

Tig Productions
Treehouse Films
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