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Associated-Rediffusion Productions is the production company of Victor Lewis-Smith, producing mainly comedy series and documentaries. It was formed in 1994 after Lewis-Smith acquired the name and trademark to Associated-Rediffusion from ITV.

1st Logo (December 19, 1996-October 30, 2000)

Visuals: On a white cardboard box, there is the Adastral star in black with a human hand twisting the star counterclockwise, sometimes missing contact with it. "ANOTHER QUALITY PRODUCTION" and "FROM ASOCIATED-REDIFFUSION TELEVISION" in white then fade in at the top and bottom respectively. Shortly after, the star falls from the cardboard box and the hand leaves the screen.

Variant: On later episodes of series 1 of Ads Infinitum, the logo crossfades to the company as well as the BBC's in-credit notice.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: Cut 5 of the "Brite and Sunny" jingle with a backup choir singing "Another swell TV show from Associated-Rediffusion!". This jingle was produced by Dallas-based radio ID company JAM Creative Productions, who also did most of the music for Lewis-Smith's TV Offal.

Audio Variant: On the Ads Infinitum episode "Christmas Presents Past", a dreamy horn fanfare plays with twinkling at the end.

Availability: Seen on Ads Infinitum and TV Offal.

2nd Logo (January 11, 2000-)

Visuals: This is the same as the 1955 Associated-Rediffusion logo, except "presents" is replaced with "Production".


  • Sometimes, the text doesn't scroll and remains in place.
  • On Scandal in the Bins, it appears in a split-screen format as it is squished and shares the screen with the 1999 Channel 4 logo. A copyright notice is added below Associated-Rediffusion's logo.
  • On BBC programmes (specifically BBC Wales), the logo is normal and appears above the 1997 BBC logo with the copyright notice appearing below the 1997 BBC logo.
  • Sometimes, the logo appears in a split-screen format.
    • On Michael Carroll: King of Chavs, the logo is superimposed into the last shot of the documentary with it also having a black glow, alongside "Television" being added before "Production".
    • On Keith Allen Will Burn in Hell, the same wording from the above variant adds "for Channel 4" underneath.
    • On Keith Meets Keith, the bottom text is in an alternate font, resembling the Times New Roman font. It also uses the above variant's wording, except "for" and "Channel 4" (now called "Channel 4 Television") are in different rows.
  • On A Very British Apocalypse, the logo is to the right of the 2002 Channel 5 logo with its bottom text reading:

Associated Rediffusion
Television Production
for Five

© Associated Rediffusion
Television Productions Ltd.

Plus, the star is still.

  • On In Confidence, the bottom text is simply the company's name without any article words. 2011 episodes add "Television" before "Productions" and the text is in a stacked format.
  • On The Undiscovered Kenneth Williams, the standard logo is squished.
  • On Steve McQueen: The Lost Movie, the star is smaller and the bottom text reads:
Associated Rediffusion

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: The 1964 Rediffusion logo's jingle.

Audio Variants:

  • Some shows would have the last half of the 1st logo plays while transitioning from the end credits theme.
  • Sometimes, it's the ending theme of the programme or none.


  • One of its earliest appearances was on the TV movie Scandal in the Bins, as well as Omnibus.
  • The BBC variants were seen on The Undiscovered Peter Cook and Here's a Piano I Prepared Earlier.
  • The variant with the 1st logo's music was seen on The Annual BARFTA Awards and Keith Meets Keith.

3rd Logo (June 10, 2017)

Visuals: On a blue background with film noise, the Adastral star from before in white slides from the right and spins. Shortly after, a white tube with a thick black outline fades in with the star inside a blue tube box and to the right is a black tube box reading "REDIFFUSION LONDON" with a line separating the two. Then, the logo zooms out to reveal the whole logo and when the word "COLOUR" fades in, the star stops spinning and the film noise effect is no longer applied.

Trivia: This logo was originally created by YouTube user TheKid965 as a "mock" of what Rediffusion London's color ident could have looked like, had it not lost its ITV franchise in 1968. Its video (dated 2010/11/17) was an update of a still version he made in 2008, and had its music lifted from the 1964 Rediffusion ident.

Technique: Frame-by-frame 2D animation done in Inkscape.

Audio: A third into the logo, the burp of a man is heard in which he apologizes "Sorry" afterwards. Then, a cut version of the 1st logo's theme with the choir singing "Associated Rediffusion!" is played.

Availability: Only seen on the video VLS as BATMAN, which can be seen on the company's Vimeo account.

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