Memorial Kyiv Society Organization

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Logo (1995-1999)

Opening Visuals: On a black background, footage of a firey explosion is shown as a mask, consisting of "МЕМОРІАЛ" with two barbed wire semicircular borders and roughly drawn horizontal borders underneath that resemble Arabic writing over and underneath said text, which zooms out and places itself on the top centre of the screen. Before it stops, the following text fade in below:

Киівська організація


The above text, alongside the succeeding text "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЭ", is also masked through the explosion footage.

Closing Visuals: The logo is relatively larger than in the opening visuals and the explosion footage is slower. Below the logo is the copyright year with the copyright symbol on the bottom left section of the screen.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: The final excerpt of "O Verona (Reprise)" by Craig Armstrong

Availability: The logo can be seen on Русизм and Україна нескорена. Визволення по-совіцьки.

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