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Mediacorp (also formerly known as Media Corporation of Singapore; Chinese: 新传媒私人有限公司 and MediaCorp) is a Singaporean public broadcasting company. It was founded in 1999, later holding a leading hold on Singaporean radio and television by acquiring Singapore International Media, owner of Television Corporation of Singapore and Radio Corporation of Singapore during the time.

The company currently owns 6 television stations: the Malay-language Suria, the English-language stations Channel 5 and CNA, the Chinese-language stations Channel 8 and Channel U, and the Tamil-language Vasantham. The company holds a monopoly on Singapore's television industry; in 2001-2004, this monopoly was briefly broken by the formation of SPH MediaWorks in 2004, which managed two channels, Channel i and Channnel U. The latter became acquired by MediaCorp after SPH MediaWorks eventually merged operations with the company at the end of 2004, with Channel i ceasing operations due to financial concerns. MediaCorp also owns the film production company MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, which also has offices in Hong Kong.

Today it is one of the three official mass media companies in Singapore, the other two being SPH Media Trust and So Drama! Entertainment, which own a half of Singapore's current radio station market.

1st Logo (August 9, 2000)

Visuals: Overlayed over the end of the program, large white text saying "MediaCorp" and a white box with small black text saying "Media Corporation of Singapore" fades in, along with "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED" at the bottom. The background then fades to black, and so does the logo shortly after.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: The closing song of the event.

Availability: It's only found at the end of Singapore's 35th National Day Parade broadcast in 2000.

2nd Logo (2001-2008)

Visuals: On a black background, after a group of rounded lines shoot in from the center, the letters of "M DIACORP" in the corporate font fly in from the sides and settle. The rounded lines then shoot out with a blue flare around them, and later stretch after positioning, forming the "E" of the logo. The finished logo shines.


  • A short version starting before the "E" is formed exists. It is used for the MediaCorp Studios/News logo.
  • A variant replacing "Studios" with "新传媒制作" (MediaCorp Productions) can be found at the end of some Channel 8 shows.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Some whooshing sounds and a 3-note sine wave synth ditty when the logo is formed.

Availability: The long version is known to be seen at the end of National Day Parades from 2001 to 2008. The short version appears at the end of most shows from the era.

3rd Logo (2009-2015)

Visuals: On a black background, a blue sphere appears zooming out and later stretches while a light appears behind. Another set of two spheres appear and form in a similar fashion, before the rest of the MediaCorp logo from the time fades in between. The light passes through the logo before disappearing.

Variant: From 2013, the logo sports the words "ENGAGE", "ENTERTAIN", and "ENRICH" fading in below the logo with dots in-between each word.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A higher-pitched but slower-tempo version of the 3-note ditty from before.

Availability: Seen at the end of virtually every Singaporean TV show from 2009 to 2015. [Examples?]

  • This logo was usually played separately from the other ending logos, except for MediaCorp Studios productions, so it is now usually plastered on TV broadcasts with the current logo, and it doesn't appear on MeWatch prints of the shows.
  • The logo is still intact only at the end of MediaCorp Studios productions from the era, both reruns and on MeWatch. [Examples?]

4th Logo (2015-November 28, 2021)

Visuals: Lights in a diamond formation wipe across the screen, revealing a Singapore skyline at night as the background. At the same time, multicolored triangles appear from behind the camera and travel forward into the center of the screen, while the background slowly fades into a white screen. The triangles arrange themselves to form the shape of the logo, with the actual logo fading in just behind the triangles, while some lights appear over the triangles. As it's about to end, lights in a right-facing arrow formation (>) wipe across the screen, and the word "mediacorp" in navy text appears following the lights. When the wipe is finished, lights shine briefly over the logo before disappearing, ending with a static shot of the MediaCorp logo against a white background.


  • A 17-second extended version exists, containing both extended visuals and audio. It contains more complex CGI work, alongside various media of award shows and previous broadcasts appearing over some of the triangles, as well as an extended version of the music. This version was mostly used for special events such as Mediacorp's 20th anniversary.
  • A Christmas version of the above ident existed at one point. It is currently lost.

Technique: CGI by Bonsey Design.

Audio: A 5-note synthpop jingle.

Audio Variants: On most episodes of Cheap Cheap VS Atas, a Toggle Original series, the logo is low pitched.


  • Seen at the end of every Singaporean TV series from 2015 to August 2021. [Examples?]
  • Also appears at the end of all Toggle Originals series, before the Toggle logo. [Examples?]
  • It continued to be used on news broadcasts for a few months, but was later replaced by the next logo on November 29, 2021.

5th Logo (2021-)

Visuals: A single triangle appears in the center of the screen, changing from yellow to blue, before transitioning into the Mediacorp logo, along with the company name "mediacorp" on the bottom.


  • At the end of shows, the logo is shortened, and "A Production By" is seen above the logo.
  • For Chinese New Year 2023, a variant exists where 哈皮兔, Mediacorp's auspicious mascot for the year of the rabbit, appears with the logo, alongside a voiceover that says "新传媒祝大家兔年福星照!". The music in this variant is replaced by the music of the previous segment instead.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A 5-note synthpad jingle with the sound effects corresponding to the action of the logo.

Availability: Seen at the start of Singaporean TV series in 2021 such as Kin, as well as current affairs programmes by CNA. The closing version does not appear at the end of the latter, as well as the programs and TV series from various producers.

Television Corporation of Singapore
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