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Logo (September 19, 2023-)

Visuals: A close up of the bottom left side of a neon sign of the MLB logo is shown where the baseball is lit in white lights, followed by the blue side of the logo, then the red portion, and finally the white outer border. The latter two gain their colors as the camera films relatively wider shots of the logo while slowly rotating in view. The final neon sequence happens while "STUDIOS" flicker on letter by letter at random and the baseball briefly flashing on and off. Plus, more of the background is shown, which simply consists of floating dust particles on a dimly lit black background. As the logo slowly zooms out, the white border flickers for one last time.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Various baseball auditorium-themed sound effects such as a crowd cheering, billboard lights turning on and buzzing, and a sportscaster are heard. A dramatic three-note deep note violin stinger plays as the white neon flickers after all elements of the logo are revealed.

Availability: The logo appears on The Saint of Second Chances.

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