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Grupo Televisa is a Mexican telecommunications and broadcasting conglomerate founded in 1973 after the merger of Telesistema Mexicano and Television Independiente de Mexico. The company's name "Televisa" was derived from "Television via Satellite". It's one of the biggest TV companies in Mexico and Latin America, and owner of the channels Las Estrellas, Nu9ve, Foro TV, and Canal 5. In 2022, the company sold its content assets to Univision Communications and the company was renamed to TelevisaUnivision. Televisa retained their other assets as part of the deal.

1st Logo (February 26, 1973-1977)

Visuals: In the center of the screen, there is an orange horizontally segmented oval that represents an eye. This is surrounded by a chyron pentagon turning clockwise. As the shape is turning, the sides of the pentagon fold and form a star. The word "TELEVISA" (in a fat, segmented, and blocky font with "T" on the left and "ELE" stacked on "VISA" on its right side, with the "V" a part of the "T") appears below the oval.

Trivia: This logo was designed by Pedro Ramírez Vázquez.[1] In 2001, it was re-designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mexican television.

Variation: The "static" is removed sometimes. The logo may appear during the show closing.

Technique: Scanimate.


  • The music may vary; sometimes, a guitar theme is heard, while in other cases, a "popping" theme (which is the 1974 Isao Tomita song "Snowflakes are Dancing") is used.
  • An announcer (actor Maria Antonieta de Las Nieves who played La Chilindrina) who says "Televisa, a traves de su Canal 8, presenta". Sometimes, the spiel is shortened to "Televisa... presenta".

Availability: This is still on early episodes of El Chavo del 8, which was reran in every country in North & South America rather frequently (until 2020). Depending on the channel, the logo might be cut out or plastered with a newer logo. In the United States, it was reported to appear in Univision.

2nd Logo (In-credit, 1977-2001)

Visuals: Just the Televisa logo from the time superimposed in the beginning or the end of the show.


  • In some shows like Los Ricos Tambien Lloran and Rosa Salvage, the logo is colored white.
  • In shows like La Carabina de Ambrosio and El Derecho de Nacer, the logo has its original orange color.
  • In the Halloween episode of ¡¡Cachún Cachún Ra Ra!! the logo is colored dark red.
  • In Agujetas del Color de Rosa, there is a glassy version of the logo zooming and being colored in with its usual colors. This later plays in reverse.
  • In Muchachitas is several bars appearing off-screen and coming together to form the logo, which shines. It also has a silver look.
  • In Confidente de Secundaria, there is a 3D version of the logo which flies out of the scene.
  • In Locura de Amor is the logo zooming out on a black background, leaving a trail behind it.

Technique: None, unless one counts the fading effects.

Audio: Silent or the show opening/closing theme.

Availability: Seen on shows released by the company.

3rd Logo (In-credit, 1981-1987)

Visuals: Just the previous logo with 8 scanlines and squeezed from the time superimposed at the end of the show.

Technique: Computer effects.

Audio: The show’s closing theme.

Availability: This logo is exclusively seen on 1981-1987 episodes of ¡¡Cachún Cachún Ra Ra!! (except the Halloween episode.)

4th (known) Logo (1982-1990)

Visuals: On a black background, there is an orange segmented oval spin rapidly and zoom in, followed by a yellow circle. They come together to form the Televisa logo, which zooms out to the top-left corner while spinning.

Technique: 2D computer effects.

Audio: A synth jingle with an announcer saying "Televisa presenta su programa." ("Televisa presents its program.").

Availability: Seen on the intro for 24 Horas until the program's facelift in 1990.

5th (known) Logo (1986?-1992)

Visuals: On a blue background, there is a yellow sun rise up to place itself in an orange segmented oval, forming the familiar logo which sparkles.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: On El Camino Secreto, the beginning of the telenovela's opening theme, De Mi Enamórate by Daniela Romo, plays over the logo.

Availability: This was only seen on most soap-operas produced by Televisa during the 1980s.

6th (known) Logo (1992-January 1, 2001)

Visuals: There is the Televisa logo in CGI zoom in and tilt into its place. "PRESENTA" fades in below. The logo shines.


  • Later is the bars zoom in and rotate at different times, until they stop. The logo zooms out. There is also no text.
  • In La Dueña, the logo appears superimposed on show opening.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A rock tune followed by an announcer saying "Televisa Presenta..." The later version has a couple of descending synths followed by a whoosh.

Availability: This was seen on international prints of Univision programs such as Cristina among others.

7th Logo (1992-1996)

Visuals: Just the 2D or 3D Televisa logo in scarlet and yellow or gold on a black background, either zooming in or still. Below is "PRESENTA", which varies in font.


  • There is a version with the company name at the top, with all the letters (except the "T" in "Televisa") in lowercase.
  • There exists a version featuring the golden logo without the text.

Technique: 2D animation or none.

Audio: Silent, a cymbal crash, or a synth tune.

Audio Variants:

  • Some telenovelas might have the opening theme of the show.
  • On Dos Mujeres, Un Camino, the telenovela's opening theme is heard with two truck horns over it.

Availability: This can be seen in some episodes of Chespirito, and also on several telenovelas produced by Televisa during the period, such as Dos Mujeres, Un Camino.

8th Logo (January 1, 2001-2006)

Visuals: On a waving blue background, several orange lines spin in at the center. The "Televisa" text then appears via a stretching effect, as the orange ball appears on the center of the lines and "presenta" fades in below the company name.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A bell arpeggio, then a mild whoosh, with an announcer saying "Televisa presenta", as a brief synth pad appears. Sometimes, it may sound slightly different. The sound comes from Prince’s 1995 song, "We March".

Audio Variant: A version without the voiceover could be seen on international dubbing prints of Televisa's shows. Other international prints have the voiceover say "Televisa Presents" in a deeper voice.

Availability: Can be still seen on reruns of Televisa series of the time (more common on international Mexican channels such as Las Estrellas and TLNovelas). This can be also seen plastering older logos.

9th Logo (2002-2004)

Visuals: On a white background, the logo appears at the center, the logo fades away before the XHDRbZ logo could fade in.

Technique: CGI?

Audio: Music with an announcer saying "A partir de este momento, Televisa cede a su tiempo y señal a la televisora… XHDRbZ.""

Availability: Seen on XHDRbZ. Galavisión airing does not have the logo intact.

10th Logo (2006-January 16, 2016)

Visuals: On a blue gradient background, the orange ball of the logo shoots in from below and moves to the center. A white line then orbits quickly through the ball, as the other lines of the Televisa logo spin in between. The orange ball also has a bright blue glow. The "Televisa" text is wiped in, but the letters are sideways before they turn into their normal position when "PRESENTA" fades in. The logo zooms in slightly.


  • When played in 4:3, it is smoother, and in 16:9, it is rougher.
  • A zoomed-in version of the logo (smoother version) can be seen on older shows, notably those starring Chespirito (El Chavo del 8, El Chapulin Colorado, and Chespirito).
  • On most episodes of La CQ, the ball is initially black and turns orange after zooming out. Also the word "presenta" is lowercase, and the logo looks cheaper.
  • On English programming, the logo reads "Televisa PRESENTS".
  • On Persons Unknown, the logo is still on a black background and the words "Televisa" are in a blue color.
  • On Devious Maids, the word "PRESENTA" is absent.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the previous logo.

Audio Variants:

  • On La CQ, Hollywood Heights, Devious Maids, most commercials for Televisa's products and public service announcements, a filtering synth theme is heard.
  • On Persons Unknown, it's the closing theme.
  • On English programing, a woosh sound is heard and an announcer says "Televisa Presents".

Availability: It's no longer current, but it can still be seen on re-runs of old Televisa series (like the 7th logo) on national channels or international airings, mainly on those on Canal De Las Estrellas. Univision, UniMas, and Galavision's prints of such preserve it in the US. The English voiceover can be seen on the short-lived English dub of El Chavo Animado. The black background was only seen on the short-lived NBC series Persons Unknown.

11th Logo (January 16, 2016-)

Visuals: On a white surface is various blue stripes extending to the right as they cover the screen. When the screen is all blue, the Televisa logo, in white and 2D, forms in a similar fashion like the 7th logo. "Televisa" and "PRESENTA" fade in below. There is a lens flare light on the top-left. The logo has no sphere in the center.


  • On sports programming, "Televisa" is replaced with "DEPORTES" ("SPORTS"). Additionally, another version reads "Televisa NETWORKS PRESENTA".
  • Occasionally, the background is in a different color, such as green, dark red, purple, and sky blue.
  • An orange-colored version has the logo forming like a Scanimate logo.
  • A red-colored version has the logo wiping in several times, revealing outlines, until we see the complete logo.
  • A version without "PRESENTA" has the logo forming bar-by-bar.
  • A version without lens flaring fades in one second into the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth harp with an ethereal synth that sounds very similar to the beginning of "Oxygene, Pt. 1" by Jean-Michel Jarre. An announcer says "Televisa Presenta" or "Televisa Deportes Presenta".


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