Las Estrellas

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Las Estrellas (XEW-TV), originally known as El canal de la Estrellas, is a Mexican television channel property of Grupo Televisa, which was launched in 1950.

1st ID (1955-1974)

Visuals: There is an image of a Mayan calendar on the left and on the right the head of the dragon quetzalcoatl from the Mayan culture, in the upper part in the middle of these two images is written "XEW-TV Canal 2".

Technique: None. [possible misuse]

Audio: A traditional music from Mexico begins to play while the channel's narrator says: "Greetings to you starting your work on this day (it says the date of the day, month and year, obviously this changes every day that they open broadcasts) in advance we want to thank you for your attention for our programming of this date".

2nd ID (1985-late 1980s)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Unknown

Audio: Unknown

3rd ID (1990s)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A majestic theme with a choir singing "El canal de las Estrellas!"

4th ID (1998)

Visuals: Over a white foggy background is closeups of parts of the channel logo (which consists in an abstract star-like red/white shape on a circle) rotating, until finally they stop to form the logo itself.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A majestic theme similar to that of the previous logo, accompanied by a male announcer saying "Estás en XEW Televisión, el canal de las estrellas." ("You're on XEW Television, the channel of the stars." in Spanish).

5th ID (2002)

Visuals: Like the previous logo is parts of the channel logo rotating, with some differences: the logo is colored yellow, it doesn't cut to different perspectives, and the background is plain white.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the previous logo. The announcer says "Estás en XEW Televisión. Estamos contigo." ("You are on XEW Television. We are with you.").

6th ID (2013-mid/late 2010s)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: CGI.

Audio: It starts with a synth theme and some beeps, and ends with a synth version of the previous theme.

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