United Workers

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Logo (April 28, 1967-April 7, 1972)

Visuals: It starts with a closeup of a statue of 2 men holding each other's hand against a cloudy and smoky background. The camera zooms away from the statue to reveal more of the statue, where the 2 men are behind "UW" carved in stone, as well as a stone pedestal containing "UNITED WORKERS" in white. As the camera zooms away, the statue rotates 45 degrees counterclockwise facing forward, remaining static for the last 7 seconds.

Variants: An early variant exists on Lakhon Main Ek where the light shining on the statue is on the left-hand side, and the statue takes place on a different cloudy background with no smoke. The pedestal is also noticeably black.

Technique: Live-action model work.

Audio: The sounds of loud rumbling at the start, concluding with a triumphant trumpet fanfare.

Availability: So far seen on Lakhon Main Ek and Naag Mani.

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