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1st Logo (2015-2021)

Visuals: A white square with the word "Reach" in it drops down from the top of the screen in front of a satellite picture of an ocean. The square quickly slides to the left to make way for another square coming in from the right with the word "Inspire" in it in front of a background of two people skiing. The square then quickly slides up to make way for yet another square coming from the bottom of the screen with the word "Inform" in it in front of a background of a cameraman and his camera covering a story. Then green, purple , light blue, and orange panels quickly slide down from the bottom of the screen to reveal a black screen with the TEGNA logo forming and zooming in slowly towards the camera. Depending on the station or show, copyright info may or may not appear below the logo.

Variants: Two shorter variants of the logo exist:

  • A variant where the logo starts at the orange panel sliding down.
  • A variant that omits the colored panels and skips to the TEGNA logo wiping in.

Technique: The squares sliding, the panels sliding down, and the TEGNA logo forming. [possible misuse]

Audio: A synth-drumbeat theme. Composed by Sixieme Son.

Availability: Seen at the end of newscasts on TEGNA-owned stations and Daily Blast Live. The shorter version that starts at the orange panel was seen on T.D. Jakes.

2nd Logo (2021-)

Visuals: A diamond wipes in showing sliding stills of WFAA anchor Cynthia Izaguirre interacting with children in an arcade, a boyfriend and girlfriend holding hands as they pass by a restaurant, KENS reporter Henry Ramos doing a live shot behind San Antonio’s Bexar County Jail, and children and adults in a school painting on the walls. As these stills appear, a white box with the words

Serving the greater good

of our communities

fades in, with the words on the top column fading in and sliding up to make room for the words on the bottom column. After this, dark red, light orange, dark orange, dark purple, and dark blue panels (all showing a portion of the TEGNA logo) slide from left to right before the screen settles on a light blue screen showing the TEGNA logo being drawn and fading in the style of the company’s standardized Troika graphics package.

Technique: The diamond wiping in, the stills sliding, the words in the white box fading in and sliding up to make room for the words on the bottom, the panels sliding from left to right, and the TEGNA logo fading in. [possible misuse]

Audio: Same as the last logo, except with a whoosh sound when the panels slide by.

Availability: New. Seen after newscasts on TEGNA-owned stations.

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