South Dakota Public Broadcasting

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South Dakota Public Television

1st Logo (1979-1980)

Visuals: On a black background, a stylized, rigid eagle symbol with triangular wings and feet flips in and out while zooming out. After it stops, it gains a gold border while "S.D.P.T.V. PRODUCTION" in a stacked format zooms out below. A blurry white star slowly shines on the "N" before disappearing.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: An upbeat trumpet fanfare.

Availability: The logo appears on Governor Janklow's inaugural address.

2nd Logo (1980-1990's)

Visuals: Three diagonal glowing bars colored yellow, orange, and red slowly expand to the center from both bottom corners of the screen. After meeting each other in said section, a white spark forms the outline of a rigid symbol of an eagl's head and body. The bars bounce off each other and, alongside the white sparks' tracing, form the bird's wings. The corner ends of the bars slide into the forming bird symbol before it flashes, changing the background from black to a gradient indigo background with the symbol in shades of said color. Underneath the symbol, "South Dakota Public Television" stretches vertically before compressing to display "Public Affairs Presentation".


  • The second text may read differently to reflect the type of program being broadcast, which includes "Minority Affairs Presentation".
  • There is an "Instructional Television" variant where the channel name reads "South Dakota Instructional Television". For animation, the text simply fades in and remains still afterwards.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: A series of upbeat chiming tones with a deep keyboard note as the symbol flashes. The second half features a synthesized keyboard rock tune.

Availability: It can be seen on South Dakota Adventure and Live and Remember.

3rd Logo (1990's)

Visuals: Set on a black background is the symbol from before in a gradient texture and with a metallic border. The symbol zooms out to the left as "South Dakota Public Television" flies out and positions itself to the symbol's right while rotating to a normal angle.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A soft, descending synthesized fanfare ending with a drum roll.

Availability: The logo appears on The Governor's State Of Education Adress.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting

1st Logo (2003-)

Visuals: This is an in-credit logo consisting of the bird symbol from before in shades of steel blue, with non-aligned wings at varying high angles, and a sharp end for the bird's torso and beak. "SDPB", alongside the copyright year, is placed below the symbol.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: The closing theme of the program.

Availability: The logo appears at the end of original programming such as South Dakota Focus, Vietnam Survivor Stories, as well as sporting events such as the 2012 Boys State B Championship live coverage.

2nd Logo (2003-June 1, 2012)

Visuals: Set on a gradient pale golden rod background consisting of small and large transparent copies of "SDPB" scrolling on the top section and most of the screen respectively from the left and right, "A Production Of" zooms in followed by the bird symbol from before in a darker color sliding in and zooming out from the bottom, revealing said acronym on the bottom. When the symbol reaches the center of the screen, an explosion flashes on top of it, stretching it vertically, and removes the former text. Afterwards, "Learn. Dream. Grow." flashes in and becomes transparent word by word on the top of the screen.

Variant: There is a later variant where the upper scrolling copies of "SDPB" are still, "A Production of" is in an alternate, bolded serif font, and the explosion is CGI animated.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A relaxing string and percussions soundtrack ending with a six-note ringing jingle. An announcer is heard saying "You're watching a production of South Dakota Public Broadcasting" after "A Production of" zooms in.

Availability: The initial variant appears on The Badlands: Nature's Time Capsule and Vietnam Survivor Stories. The later variant appears on Dakota Life and 2011 Missouri River Flood.

3rd Logo (June 10, 2012-)

Visuals: An aerial view of Mount Rushmore at sunset is shown. The bird symbol from before with a black shadow facing downwards zooms out to the bottom right of the screen where it is joined by "SDPB" in the same font as before and in white, which appears through a flashing effect. When said text gains its shadow, "A Production of" in the same format fades in next to the channel acronym. When "Learn. Dream. Grow." flashes in word by word beginning on the bottom left side of the screen, "A Production of" fades out. "SDPB" flashes for a final time in sync with the jingle.

Variant: Beginning on August 11, 2020, the aerial footage is changed to Black Hills

Technique: Live-action and 2D computer animation.

Audio: Same as before.

Audio Variant: There is a later audio variant where the announcer now reads "This is a production of South Dakota Public Broadcasting".

Availability: It first appeared on Black Hills Flood: Remembrance & Renewal, and later appeared on 2013 State of the State Address, 2013 South Dakota State University Jackrabbit Stampede Rodeo, and Points of Pride: South Dakota's Quilting Heritage. The later variant made its earliest appearance on Simple Justice: Suffrage in South Dakota and also appears on 2022 South Dakota High School Rodeo Finals.

4th Logo (February 29, 2024-)

Visuals: An orange horizontal box, followed by a gold one, shrinks and reveals nature footage of a herd of buffaloes in the background and a sharp, outlined version of the bird head and torso symbol from before within the gold box. The symbol grows its wings before changing colors from black to white. As the box changes colors, the background footage changes to various landmarks in South Dakota alongside it, which includes:

  • Harney Peak Fire Tower alongside a teal box.
  • A green tractor on a cornfield while the box is pink.
  • Black Hills alongside a light blue box.

The final sequence has the box quickly changing into several colors through an expanding solid color effect from the bottom left, covering the foreground color of the whole box. This repeats for a few seconds before a black box appears in which the main box briefly expands and shrinks. Simultaneously, four solid backgrounds colored white, blue, green, and mint green zoom out and cover the background. Before the background is completely set to said color, the text formation within the box appears where "SDPB", in white and a font closely resembling ITC Lubalin Graph Demi, pops in and marginally slides down. As the "P" appears, blue, white, and teal boxes expand out from the center. During the later half of the sequence, the logo slides upwards diagonally, zooms out and positions back onto the center where the background becomes white.

Technique: A mix of live-action and flash animation.

Audio: A short ascending digital bell stinger with two whooshes as the symbol gains its wings. A different announcer reads "This is a production of SDPB" with a brief pause in between "production" and "of". Alongside the narration is a rhythmic digital percussion soundtrack with clicking throughout and ending with a whoosh. An extra whoosh is heard before the final note as the logo marginally zooms out.

Availability: The logo debuted on Tales from the Hardwood.

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