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Shueisha Inc. (株式会社集英社), is one of Japan’s leading publishers.

Logo (Mid 2010's)

Visuals: On a lime green background, a light orange circle with a smaller black circle inside appears at the bottom of the screen, accompanied by a blue ripple. The circles move upwards as lines that change into the back of a blue pencil, while a piece of paper appears with a tiny top-left folded black corner. Both these objects spin while the paper multiplies into seven sheets, arranged horizontally. When the pencil falls on the middle paper twice tip-first, a tiny blue and light orange circle fly around, while five vertical lines appear on each paper copy before converging into a black book with a blue spine. The pencil and blue dot merge into the book's spine, while the light orange dot falls into the book's pages by transforming into a bookmark that pulls itself out. This removal spins the book anticlockwise, turning it into a clapperboard with a black slate and blue clapper sticks, while the light orange bookmark joins with it as two horizontal lines. The top clapper stick is raised and slammed down, turning the clapperboard into a running filmstrip that's light orange, blue and black. This is followed by the filmstrip shrinking and shortening itself, turning horizontally, flipping and multiplying into three identical ones. Small blue lines leave each filmstrip as the left filmstrip rotates vertically, where they change into kanji that briefly assumes multiple colors before settling on black. The similarly colored "SHEUISHA" text, written in Windsor font, appears below the kanji.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: Sounds of paper, the clapperboard, the filmstrip and the pen with a synth note at the end.

Audio Variants: On Death Note: Light Up the NEW World, the sounds are almost the same as the original, with a few exceptions. The book section has a deep synth, the clapper stick slamming is replaced by the sound of metal being hit, and the final synth note is played in a lower, ominous key.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

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