Dainichi Eihai Co., Ltd.

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Dainichi Film Distribution Co., Ltd. (DN ダイニチ映配株式会社), or simply Dainichi Eihai (ダイニチ映配), was a Japanese film studio. It was active from June 1970 to August 1971. It was formed from a partnership between Daiei and Nikkatsu, when Daiei was going through financial problems. Nikkatsu later withdrew from the partnership, leaving Daiei to face bankruptcy. "Dainichi" represents the combination of 大 and 日, the first characters of "Daiei" and "Nikkatsu", respectively.

Logo (January 22, 1970-1971)

Visuals: On a space background are large letters with blue sides reading "DN" zooming in. A second later into the logo, the red text "ダイニチ映配株式会社 提供" ("presented by Dainichi Eihai Co., Ltd.") fades in below and zooms in with the "DN".

Variant: On trailers, the logo is still.

Technique: Practical animation.

Audio: Silent, or a custom fanfare with timpani drums and a vibraslap.

Availability: It distributed Daiei and Nikkatsu releases. Also seen on several trailers, including pink film trailers from Nikkatsu.

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