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Shineigasha (新映画社, New Film Company) was a short-lived independent Japanese film production company founded in May 1950, producing nine films between 1950 and 1958. Its first four films were distributed by Toei, while the rest were part of Daiei's program.

Logo (June 29, 1958)

Visuals: The company's logo (a circle with the abbreviation "新映" inside it) casts a shadow onto a patterned background. Below that is the phrase "製作 新映画株式会社" ("Produced by the New Film Co., Ltd."), also casting a shadow.

Technique: A still photograph of a live-action model.

Audio: A train whistle or a string instrument.

Availability: Seen preceding the company's last film, Satsujinki: Kumo-otoko (殺人鬼蜘蛛男) (1958).

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