Palm TV

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Logo (2010's)

Visuals: A green, curvy palm tree symbol with a tail on the bottom and a beveled appearance is wiggling on a warm-colored ocean shore setting at sunset. A coconut fades in underneath the palm tree's leaves, right after the sequence fades in, and falls down, bouncing to the right as the letters "PAM" in a stylized font with pointed serifs and inconsistent bolding falls and bounces down word by word to form the word "PALM". Two curved green lines pop up above the gold letters, initially gray before gaining their colors through a wiping effect. The final element to arrive in the sequence, "TV" flies in from the left and rests on the "M"'s bottom right.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A rooster's cry begins the audio sequence as a tropical drum jingle plays in the background until all elements of the logo arrive on screen. There are also cartoon bouncing sound effects in-sync with the falling letters.

Availability: So far, the logo appears on Journey - A Tribute to The Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller.