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Logo (1985-2004)

Visuals: Against a dark space background, numerous rainbow-colored stars are seen splitting apart and drifting away before aligning themselves in a 3x5 row. Once the stars do so, said stars turn red, and the logo angles itself to the right side of the row, revealing more red stars positioned at the same row. The logo drifts away from the original stars, making even more stars revealed. Then the pack of stars tilt to the center of the screen, revealing the text CinEmATiC, as well as two white stars placed above each "i" from the previously mentioned text containing a shrinking spotlight, which completely disappears once the angle movement is completed. Afterwards, the stars bright up and the white text "mempersembahkan" appears below the text. The logo stays still for three seconds.

Variants: Two shortened versions can be seen in some episodes of the show the logo appears in.

  • One is shortened to where only the zooming out starts off the logo
  • The other abridges most of the logo, to where only the text scenes are shown.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Starting off with a faint whoosh sound, an ominous synth tune is heard when the stars change colors. Then a whoosh sound is heard, followed by a violin and a 3-note theme made by a trumpet.

Audio Variant: For the abridged versions, the theme is shorter.

Availability: Only seen in the the malay sitcom Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu.

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