Chrysalis Home Video

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This was a home video division of Chrysalis Group plc, who also owns Chrysalis Records and Chrysalis Television. It went defunct in 1994, folding all activities to the television division.

Logo (1989-1994)

Visuals: On a gray gradient background, a CGI version of the butterfly from the Chrysalis logo pops into frame and then flies from the right. It then reveals the Chrysalis logo in grey, with a blue line and a red dot on the "i" and "grey" appeared below the Chrysalis logo in a serif font. The logo then tilts back and flies away.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A piano theme, followed by a woman whispering "Chrysalis".

Availability: Seen on UK VHS releases by the company from the time-period until 1994.

  • These include the World Sports Action Presents: The Official Football League Video VHS releases of the 1988/89 and 1989/90 football club recaps of Liverpool FC, Coventry City FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, among other teams, and VHS releases of Gazzetta Football Italia like 101 Goals: Football Italia and Gol!: Football Italia.
  • It is also preserved on the Tony Hart's Art Box VHS releases such as the 1990 UK VHS release of Tony Hart's Art Box: People.
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