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Zodiak USA was the American branch of Zodiak Media, established in 2010 after acquiring RDF USA. It was folded into Banijay Studios North America in 2016.

1st Logo (2010-2012)

Visuals: Similar to the Zodiak logo, but the "USA" word appears right, in the same color as the DeAgostini eclipse sign.

Technique: 2D computer animation by Jamie Campbell.

Audio: Same as the Zodiak logo.

Availability: Can be seen on later seasons of Hardcore Pawn and other RDF USA shows.

2nd Logo (2012-2016)

Visuals: Same as the 2012 Zodiak logo, but the "USA" word appears right.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Seen on later episodes of Wife Swap and its spin-off Celebrity Wife Swap, among others.

Zodiak USA
Banijay Studios North America
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